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Swamp Soccer Exhibition Matches

Swamp Soccer is simply football played on a swamp pitch. We have organised ten major annual tournaments in Scotland, with many events involving over 100 teams from 25 countries. We have also authorised and facilitated events in China, India, Turkey and other countries.

Swamp Soccer is unique, fun, inclusive and visually spectacular. This award-winning event is now available for brands and television programmes that wish to make a huge, lasting impact on their target audiences. We have hosted film crews from all over the world. Media coverage has been extensive on a global basis and our experienced team are very media-friendly.

We have organised Swamp Soccer exhibition games and adverts for BBC Breakfast News, FRijj (Muller), Soccer AM, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, ITV News, Sky News, FIFA Futbol Mundial, Blue Peter, The New Paul O’Grady Show, Rory and Paddy’s Great British Adventure, CNN News, A League of Their Own (delayed due to the pandemic), and many, many more. For a few visual examples, please see the Videos page.


The services we can provide for brands, television programmes and key intermediaries include: project management services; project staff; creative advice; a scenic location with Swamp Soccer pitch; goals, nets and corner posts; players & teams; football strips; referee; changing facilities, pitch banner advertising; design & printing services; outdoor toilets & showers; outdoor catering & hospitality; filming crews & drones (including helicopter filming); corporate gifts; accommodation & evening meals; travel advice; and more.

For a detailed case study/collaboration example, please click the FRijj Case Study button below.

film crew

“Stewart and Swamp Soccer put on a fantastic exhibition game for us with a crowd of over 100 enthusiastic people cheering us on. His organisation and hospitality were first class”

BBC Breakfast News

We were delighted to be involved with Swamp Soccer. The organisers were extremely helpful and professional, and we were very happy with all the media coverage. Congratulations for staging such a good event.”

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

Our agency contacted Swamp Soccer to enquire about their co-operation, to help us organise filming to create quirky adverts for our sponsorship of Soccer AM on Sky TV. Stewart also recruited 50 motivated and friendly ‘actors’ who made filming a breeze. We filmed enough material in one day to create over 60 adverts. We were so pleased with the enthusiasm and professionalism of Swamp Soccer that we sponsored their annual world cup event.”

FRijj (Muller)